More reasons to get your kids out of Public School

ILLINOIS School district is slowly becoming sharia-compliant

Like a slowly-spreading virus, Islam is worming its way into American education where it can do the most damage to young minds. One Skokie, Illinois school district banned Halloween so as not to offend Muslims. Now, another district is scrapping Veterans Day, and replacing it with the Muslim holiday of Eid ul Adha.

FOX- Chicago Students in Skokie-Morton Grove School District 69 will not celebrate Halloween this year. The school district has posted a message on its website saying Halloween will not be celebrated this year because of what it calls cultural, religious and economic reasons.

School officials said a growing number of students have either stayed home or been offered alternate activities because they feel uncomfortable with the celebration. Parents are being told not to send children to school with candy or dressed in Halloween outfits.

Mediaite Even worse, Skokie School District 68 has added Eid ul Adha as a day off, dropping Veterans Day as a holiday … so they can celebrate an Islamic holiday. Students are going to get the day off but the teachers are not, as they’re only allowed a certain number of days off.  (I’m surprised they didn’t replace Columbus Day with an Islamic holiday, considering  Muslims are trying to convince us that  it was they, in fact, who discovered America)

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