Bloomington Budget

The actual budget is a little less this year, but it’s still $169,000,000!

The population was estimated at 76,610 in 2011.

That’s $2,206 spent by the City for every Man, Woman, and Child.  For a family of 4, that’s $8,824.

Roads are crumbling, pensions aren’t funded, and massive bond payments start in 2018.(

Think you should get off your couch and start participating in local politics?

2 thoughts on “Bloomington Budget

  1. Obviously they do not want to participate, isn’t Bloomington a member of ICLEI? I think so, that makes Bloomington a global villiage beholden to the UN. So if they have fiscal problems, and start to lose private propety rights, it’s sustainable, it’s agenda 21.

    1. They aren’t a paying member, but they are certainly on the email list. Much of what they do comes from the McLean County Regional Planning Commission who knows where the grant money is available. It’s control from somewhere other than local!

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