Fly on the Wall: David Hales

I know all - I see
I know all – I see all
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Dave Hales is quoted in today’s Pantagraph.  Instead of naming Clay Wheeler – who evidently wants the permanent job, another guy has been appointed interim Police Chief: “to help ensure there’s no perception or undue advantage that would accrue to Clay during the selection process”.

The same policy didn’t apply to the open Bernie Anderson seat Mr Hales?  Can anybody say “Hypocrisy“?

The only difference is the voters pick one, the Hales picks the other.  Guess we now know what Hales thinks of voters!

2 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: David Hales

  1. Hales has to go. All it takes is 5 city council votes. Call your alderman and urge them to vote to terminate city manager Hales. It is equally important for people to call anyone they know and get them to vote AGAINST Hales protectors on the city council such as McDade on April. 9

  2. Hypocrisy, there I said it!!! Local city hall’s stink, stink, stink! Surely there will be some change with this election. I feel the winds of change moving through.

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