Parents: STOP Common Core if your kids matter!


Why the uproar?


COMMON CORE Is a set of education standards that have wormed their way into our country’s education system with little public scrutiny or debate. The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) adopted the standards for use in Kentucky in 2009 as Senate Bill 1. Here are some things you need to know.


YOUR CHILDREN ARE GUINEA PIGS FOR UNPROVEN, UNTESTED STANDARDS No field tests or pilot studies were done prior to implementation of Common Core. By dangling federal grant money from the 2009 federal stimulus package, Kentucky agreed to accept Common Core before many of the specific standards were even written. Many of the standards are unsupported by research and considered experimental. Several states are now trying to find a way out of Common Core. It is estimated that the average college ready reading level with Common Core is 7th grade and math is two years behind other high achieving countries. A recent study shows accepting Common Core, Kentucky scores dropped nearly a third in reading and math.


KENTUCKY IS NO LONGER IN THE DRIVERS SEAT Two Washington, D.C. trade groups (NGA and CCSSO) own the legal copyright and sole ability to modify the Common Core, a clear usurpation of power over education from states and local school districts. A token provision to add a small amount of content is made, but the Common Core must be accepted word for word.


PARENTS & TEACHERS WILL HAVE LIMITED CHOICES FOR EDUCATION & CURRICULUM Many private schools (including Catholic and Christian), curriculum companies (including homeschool publishers), national standardized tests and college entrance exams are being aligned with Common Core Standards. When tests and curriculum align to the Common Core there will be no school choice or advantage to private or homeschool. Proponents of Common Core stress the value of a national school schedule, but your child’s teacher will lose the freedom to do what is best for your child. Although states can apply for a waiver to add 15% of their own content to “the standards,” this material will not be included on any standardized tests, therefore it is unlikely to be used by schools as they teach to the tests. Further, nothing can be removed from the CCS, they must be adopted word for word.


TAXPAYERS ARE ON THE HOOK FOR ADDITIONAL COSTS Whether or not you have children in school, the cost to implement Common Core in Kentucky is conservatively estimated at $650 million dollars. Why so much? The cost of new technology, new textbooks, and professional development for teachers will cripple smaller local school districts and their tax base without any evidence our kids get a better education!


IT IS EDUCATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION If you have questions or concerns regarding Common Core, you have no one to represent you. The KDE will tell you the standards are better than what we have had, but there is nothing to back it up; your legislator will simply repeat the Kentucky Deptartment of Education and tell you it’s a done deal. The state has taken the money, and we’re all on the Common Core ride, with no exit ramp.



But there is something you can do! Educate yourself and your legislators using these websites:


Sign the petition at to have your voice heard!


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