Will the Press Report the Truth?

Benghazi Investigation May Turn Into an Impeachment Proceedings, if House Believes Whistle-Blowers

The news from the Benghazi whistle-blowers is starting to create the type of firestorm that could spell the beginning of the end of the Obama Administration.

Among the shocking revelations from Rep. Darrell Issa on Face the Nation this weekend, Gregory Hicks, the senior Foreign Service Official at the US embassy in Tripoli, stated that Ambassador Stevens called and told him personally that they were under attack, NOT under siege by demonstrators.

Hicks insisted that he knew from the beginning that the attack was a terrorist attack and he “reported an attack on the consulate.”

And Hicks wasn’t the only one. According to CBS, embassy personnel repeatedly asked,

“Send reinforcements!”

But they were told immediate help wasn’t available.

Embassy personnel say they repeatedly asked the Defense Attache on site in Tripoli for military assistance.

“Isn’t there anything available?” one Embassy official says he asked. “But the answer was ‘no.’”

“What about Aviano?” the official pressed, referencing the NATO air base with US assets in northeastern Italy. “No,” was the answer.

The whistle-blowers that came forward with these firsthand accounts continue to be exposed to intimidation and “threats of retaliation.”

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One thought on “Will the Press Report the Truth?

  1. Well, I don’t mean to sound pessimistic but being realistic there is already an impeachment bill in our House of Representatives for Mr. Obama and it has gone NO WHERE! It is House Resolution Bill 107 and it is because Vladimir Obama declared war on Syria without Congressional approval which is a direct violation of the Constitution. It was put there around the end of 2011 and Lame-stream media turned a blind-eye to it. Alex Jones was the onlyone I heard shouting about it. John Boehner keeps it covered and silenced very well!

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