Is Bloomington turning into Chicago?

by:  Diane Benjamin

Another murder last night in an area of town well known to police as a hotbed for trouble.

Gangs of kids have been reported causing trouble around E. Jefferson, O’Neill Park, South RT 51, and Eastland Mall.

It’s not even summer yet.  Is this what Bloomington residents have to look forward too?

How much news hasn’t been reported?

Residents have moved from at least 2 of these areas for their safety.   How was the value of their property affected?

How exactly is this different from living on the south side of Chicago?  The number of troublemakers?

Chicago residents can be arrested for defending themselves.  Bloomington residents still can defend themselves, maybe.

Are you armed?  Unless you want to pay for a police state, a call to 911 isn’t going to help.  There aren’t police on every corner waiting for your call.


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