IRS Protest: Noon Today UPDATE UPDATE!

The IRS has added extra protection for today’s events!  Since they believe CITIZENS standing up to tyranny are terrorists, they are prepared for trouble.  Evidently they have no respect for the 1st Amendment or We The People!

Of course, this is a non violent protest.  Spread the word – especially to government!


301 S Prospect – Bloomington, Il.

  • The IRS is used as a weapon against the American people
  • Elected officials craft the code to benefit themselves and their cronies
  • Both parties use the IRS to attack political enemies
  • The IRS defined “Patriot” and “TEA Party” as enemies
  • The person responsible for the campaign against conservatives was promoted-not fired!

Had enough of the IRS?  Today is a NATIONWIDE protest, stand up to tyranny!

Bring signs or just yourself and friends.

jeff tough

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