Fly on the Wall: Lee Rudolph

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all

This  progressive tried to intimate a new conservative on the Bloomington City Council with a short Letter to the Editor.

What are you afraid of Lee?  Government not spending enough of the citizens money?  Do you actually believe government makes better decisions than citizens?  If you think government control of electricity is so great – why didn’t you just say that?

A newly elected alderman who wasn’t on the council for the first vote or the second vote doesn’t have a right not to vote when the action was assured of passage by all your progressive friends?

You aren’t smart enough to know you aren’t getting green energy.  This little man is the epitome of complainers without a clue, just like every other progressive.  What exactly are you progressing too Lee?   Funny, progressives never say.

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