A plan for the GOP

Update:  29 Senators and 138 House members have agreed to de-fund ObamaCare.  My video of Aaron Schock made MSNBC last night!  They love the GOP having a hard time at Town Halls after what the Democrats went through in 2009.

by:  Diane Benjamin

Since the Republican plan is “Can’t we all just get along?”, I have created a plan for you.  Feel free to make minor adjustments, but major ones are not allowed.

Congress has exempted itself and the entire Federal Government from ObamaCare.   The President illegally delayed ObamaCare implementation for large businesses.  Unions want out.  Insurance companies are pulling out of the healthcare market.  Millions will lose insurance on January 1st because it is cheaper for small businesses to pay a fine.  The young aren’t going to sign up when the penalty is really cheap.  Doctors are leaving the profession.  Businesses only hire part-time employees to avoid ObamaCare costs.  Full time jobs are now 30 hours a week.  HHS is planning to add part time employees together to see how many full time ones they equal.  Even the big Democrats, like Max Baucus, call ObamaCare a train wreck.  The list of destruction could go on and on.

But somehow the GOP can’t seem to take a stand.  Thanks for standing up for the citizens!  Worse, under the Senate immigration bill, illegals can’t be covered by Obamacare.  Think businesses won’t hire them first when they get legal status?

Since you haven’t been able to pass a budget for years, here’s the plan:

1)  Pass another CR funding all of government except ObamaCare.  Of course, you have to find somebody capable of conveying a message to the American people.  Please:  No Boehner, Cantor, or McConnell.   The Democrats and the media will of course scream.  So, go quickly to step 2.

2)  Pass another CR funding all of government except ObamaCare and the IRS.  The screaming will get worse, so go even quicker to step 3.

3)  Pass another CR funding all of government except ObamaCare, the IRS and the EPA.   Even the uniformed voters should be taking notice by now.  Bring out the conservative heavyweights to inform the citizens about the destruction ObamaCare has wreaked on the economy.  Bring up the REAL unemployment figures and minuscule GDP growth.  Then compare the current economy under Obama policies to the Great Depression.  Inform the public on the recovery after past recessions.  Make it clear the GOP must act to save our children’s future.

If the Democrats still don’t realize the ‘PURSE” belongs to the GOP, proceed to step 4.

4) Defund The Department of Education then

5) Defund The Department of Energy

If the socialists, sorry, Democrats haven’t figured out the American people don’t want ObmamCare, sit back and say nothing for a few days.  Let Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi embarrass themselves.

Shutting down government will be on the Democrats heads.  The CR’s can be passed in just a couple of days – long before the government runs out of money and has to be shutdown.

The plan involves timing and spokes-people who the public can believe.  Maybe I should pick them for you, I’ve seen your track record.  Eventually the Democrats will be forced to negotiate.  Get spending cuts and ObamaCare defunded.  Our kids are depending on you, God help them!

Of course, this plan takes guts and balls.  Since we know you don’t have any, I’m not expecting great things.  Why would you want to be heroes?

Your very existence is on the line.  Maybe some threats will help:

We The People are sick of being manipulated and robbed by government!


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  1. “Good grief!” There are so many things we can do as citizens, why don’t we? Told my wife the other day that I was sick of the posturing Boehner and the lot of them continue to display. They’re just as bad as those hardcore progressives. Come on people, the reid costs are coming, or not. Stop the next great depressing days.

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