Bloomington City Council can’t face reality

by:  Diane Benjamin

In 2011 Scott Oglesby was fired from the Bloomington Police force.  Last May I read the entire arbitration report and wrote about it here:

Scott Oglesby was mostly cleared through arbitration, but City Attorney Todd Greenburg and a majority of the City Council refuse to drop the case and are appealing.  Mayor Renner wants the appeal stopped because the City has no chance of winning.  By appealing, the City is abusing Scott Oglesby and wasting Bloomington taxpayer money.2310784

Alderman Stearns and Lower are in favor of dropping the appeal.  The others need to state why they are pursuing a losing proposition.  The taxpayers deserve a public vote so they know who is obstructing justice.

Send the Council an email and demand they publicly state their reasons:  [email protected]

One thought on “Bloomington City Council can’t face reality

  1. On behalf of Officer Oglesby I just want to say that he was called to help us in our neighborhood a couple summers ago. My wife and I were very impressed by the way he was able to handle the problem. He was professional and personable. We really liked him and felt we need more officers like Scott Oglesby. I remember that he made such a good impression on us that I emailed the Bloomington Police Department and our Alderman to let them know how pleased we were. Some of you people who just want to throw rocks at Officer Oglesby need to take a look at your own selves. No one is perfect! Except our Savior Jesus Christ. I believe in these dark days of walk on eggs, to be politically correct and diverse on every move we make that being a police officer would be one of the hardest jobs to have. We ALL make mistakes. Heck, when I was in grade school I was physically disciplined several times and so were my friends, I’m sure it made me a better person. If I threw a tantrum around my dad he would count to three and if it did not stop by three he would show me what his belt was for besides holding up his paints. That is the problem with our kids today, that is the problem with society today, no discipline in school, no discipline at home, so our kids rebel and amount to nothing! I personally think that we need to give Officer Oglesby his job back with all his back pay. The city has made a big mistake on this one!

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