WOW. No local coverage of what happened at the Coliseum UPDATE #2

UPDATED #2 WJBC finally did a story Wednesday!  Pantagraph was Tuesday

Update:  I was just advised that doctors did send a letter(s) to the City of Bloomington (after the concert last year) warning about bringing this type of entertainment to town!  They were obviously ignored.

by:  Diane Benjamin

Does the Pantagraph and WJBC just close up the newsroom at 5:00 on Friday?  There was no coverage in today or yesterday’s paper and WJBC has nothing on their website about the concert Friday night at the Coliseum.  You have to listen to Peoria news for coverage.  Either the Pantagraph and WJBC aren’t capable of covering local news anymore, or they don’t want to report anything negative about the Coliseum.

WMBD reported the sold out concert by Bassnectar led to dozens of drug and alcohol arrests, as well  as fighting.  Both local hospitals were overwhelmed with drug overdoses from ecstasy, acid, and bath salts.  The concert was sold out – 6000 seats.

Both hospitals had extra staff in the emergency rooms BECAUSE of this concert.

How did they know there was going to be trouble?  Because the same band performed here last year!  The result was the same, arrests, drug overdoses, and fights.

First obvious question:

Why did the Coliseum have Bassnectar back?

Did the City not voice an opinion?

Did the police not voice an opinion?

Did the hospitals not voice their opinion?

How much money did the police presence cost taxpayers?

How many people treated for drug overdoses are going to pay for their treatment?

This list could go on and on.  Was selling out the Coliseum really important enough to pay a “Rave” type act to perform?2413395

The City is desperately trying to clean up the downtown bar scene.  So the Coliseum – which is very close to downtown – decides to add to the problem?

Should not only news reporting, but COMMON SENSE now be officially declared DEAD in Bloomington-Normal?




7 thoughts on “WOW. No local coverage of what happened at the Coliseum UPDATE #2

  1. Are you really asking why Bloomington and the US Cellular Colliseum let Bassnectar come and play in Bloomington for the second year in a row? I’ll tell you why, maybe it’s because they sold out and 6’000+ attended. Do you really think the city lost money in tax revenue from having an added police presence that they would normally have for any sold out concert in town? Anytime there is a major concert in town, people are going to drink, do drugs and have a good time. If a person overdoses on drugs, that’s their problem. How can you pin the blame on Bassnectar and the city of Bloomington? Bassnectar was not supplying drugs to attendees. They were paid to perform a show, which is what they did. I’m sure this concert brought in tons of revenue for the city from sales taxes, ticket sales, purchases at other local businesses, etc. Just because concert attendees participated in activities that object to your moral values, doesn’t mean a certain band should be banned from performing in your neighborhood. This is a free country, so people can make money however they please (as long as it’s legal).

    1. I understand your feelings, but this is the reason most people will never be complete Libertarians. Government should not promote entertainment that has this effect on the younger generation. Why should taxpayers have to foot the bill for the aftermath?

      1. How did government promote this? I am not completely familiar with how the local government works in Bloomington, but I’m guessing the the US Cellular Coliseum seeks permission from the city to host a certain number of events and when they can host them. I am not a fan of Bassnectar, but there is nothing wrong with their music. The city clearly (along with local businesses) made tons of revenue from this as over 6,000 people attended the concert. It’s not Bassnectar’s, Bloomington’s, or the US Cellular Coliseum’s fault that some adolescents overdosed on dangerous drugs like ecstasy and bath salts, when they clearly should have known better. Also, I’m sure that the people who did overdose had health insurance, because if they can afford drugs and a concert ticket then they should be able to afford (and have) heath insurance. It’s not our government’s duty to ban certain bands from performing in their city (especially if there’s tons of revenue to make from it), especially when the band’s music is harmless to listen to. If the government were to go down your suggested path, we would start to turn into a fascist police state.

        1. Their freedom ends when it infringes on the freedom of other people. Who paid the police, the ambulance crews who were standing by, and the hospitals. That’s infringement.

          The City hired a private firm to manage the Coliseum. I don’t think they consult with the City of who performs there. They are suppose to make money. Of course, that will never happen because paying for the building is never factored in the reports released.

  2. If US Cellular Colliseum had the same results with drugs and drinking last year when Bassnectar played at the Colliseum, ( even if they sold out ) why didn’t the Bloomington City Council ,step in and vote to stop a repeat ? The Pantagraph and WJBC are trying to get every one to believe we live in a perfect well orderly city, and so afraid of being sued,if they talk against what goes on !! We don’t need such trash that appears at the Coliseum, the next thing will be prositutes at the Colliseum doors as a promotional attempt to increase attendance !!

  3. Andy, It a free for all, at the Coliseum,but the Pantagraph or WJBC won’t report it, I call WJBC and ask why it wasn’t reported, I was told by the gal that answered , she didn’t work week-ends.( She said she know nothing about it) Guess what I wasn’t put on the air for other listener to hear either !! Bill

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