What does the Miller Park Zoo cost YOU?

by:  Diane Benjamin

If you live in Bloomington, yes you are paying for the Zoo.  Below is the OPERATING Financial Statement as of 4/30/2012.  This information is from the 4/30/2012 Trial Balance obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.  In an effort to provide Bloomington citizens with “Quality of Life”, the zoo costs you $460,711.  Add that to the Coliseum and the BCPA losses and it becomes clear why pensions aren’t funded and Bloomington has to borrow money for road repairs.  Next, does the Pepsi Ice Center make money?







One thought on “What does the Miller Park Zoo cost YOU?

  1. But I know one Alderman, who once upon a time complained about locking up animals in cages at a previous Council Meeting, that was singing the Zoo’s praises last night for being briefly mentioned in a National Geographic article at last nights City Council Meeting. I guess that Alderman is a wee bit FUZZI-WUZZI for the ZOO after all!

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