No time today

by:  Diane Benjamin

I’m sidetracked today with lots of other issues, so unless something changes there won’t be any other posts today.

I will leave you with this for the weekend:


Look your kids in the eyes and tell sorry, but the debt will be all yours.  Merry Christmas, you have no future.

Who represents your kids in DC?

Aaron Schock?

Adam Kinzinger?

or Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who don’t care about anything other than the American people.  They aren’t in DC to hold permanent seats in Congress.

The shutdown proved who the leaders are and who is there to get reelected.  Pick sides, the future depends on which side you choose.

Don’t plan on the conference committee reaching an agreement.  The Democrats want the sequester cuts cancelled.  They don’t want any entitlement reforms.  In other words, they don’t care about the future.  Just look at Illinois, we exported the same philosophy.






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