What Iowa Teachers think of Common Core

Survey Shows Common Core Opposition Among Iowa Educators

(Des Moines, IA) Professional Educators of Iowa late last week released the results of their survey of members on Iowa’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards.  This wasn’t a scientific poll, but it does raise questions about how many teachers on the front lines really do support the Common Core.  This particular survey seems to poke a hole in the narrative heard from Common Core advocates that there is widespread support for the Common Core among teachers in Iowa.

PEI Director Jim Hawkins told Caffeinated Thoughts that the survey questions were member generated and sent to their members across the state.  “We have not made a summary, but the personal notes are reflective of the charts and figures in the supportive and negative.  One thing for certain is that our teachers are continuing to experience a piling on of extra responsibilities while there is little or no reduction to ease the mandates that have accumulated over the years,” Hawkins said.

“We do not know of any organization or state agency that has actually surveyed or maybe even been concerned about the reactions of the troops on the front line who must implement the core,” Hawkins added.

He said the notations made by teachers were “revealing” and the survey was structured to be unbiased.

The survey consisted of five questions.  They were:

As opposed to adapting national standards, should Iowa maintain its autonomy?

271 PEI members responded with an overwhelming majority (69.7%) believing that  Iowa should maintain its autonomy.  20.2% of respondents said no with 9.9% who answered they were not sure.

Here are some of the comments:

  • “If we don’t adopt the common core we will all have to rewrite our standards again and again.”
  • “Yes, it is important that those closest to the student have the ability to determine what is taught.”
  • “I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a national curriculum, but I doubt if all states are in the same place. What Iowa kids need may not be what other kids need.”
  • “We have tried to do that for the past 15 years or more and it has not worked. It has created more work and  confusion for teachers. As a mother, I want my daughter to be competitive with national and international  students.  But they are taking it way over the top. It has been done in other states for decades without all the additional pieces.”
  • “Let teachers teach creatively!!!!!!!”
  • “The common core has some great aspects, pertaining to students that are college bound, but it is a legalistic  nightmare for students that are on a different path, or students that have learning disabilities.”
  • “I think some of the methods pushed conflict with my personality and teaching style.”

Read More: http://caffeinatedthoughts.com/2013/11/survey-shows-common-core-opposition-among-iowa-educators/

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