Thank the Parking Violators!

by:  Diane Benjamin

A few years ago I looked at Parking in the City of Bloomington and found in 2010 they lost over $350,000 due mainly to salaries and benefits.  Times have changed!  Now the City makes almost as much writing parking tickets as renting parking spaces.  Parking is now profitable to the City!  You can decide whether that’s a good thing or not.  Does it discourage people from going downtown?


2 thoughts on “Thank the Parking Violators!

  1. They get us coming and going. Government is always looking for ways to generate more revenues so they can spend it irresponsibly.

  2. Yes they lost out , years ago,thats what forced the shopper’s to free parking and shopping at the malls, downtown will never out-do the mall business wise !! The city of Bloomington got greedy, with $ 20.00 parking tickets !!

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