Rules for Citizens to Understand Government

Anytime the government passes a law to decrease taxes or remove regulations, they have your best interests in mind and are doing their job as enumerated in the Constitution: Protecting your Liberty.

When they do ANYTHING else they are doing one or more of the following:

  • Assuming they are smarter than you and can therefore tell you what to do
  • Fulfilling an agenda only they know about
  • Trying to score political points to stay in power
  • Attempting to make sure you stay in your place
  • Stealing your money so they can buy somebody else with it
  • Trying to fix something either they or their predecessors screwed up, which most likely will make it worse
  • Spending money to do something the private sector could have handled faster and much cheaper
  • Setting out to accomplish something no NORMAL person would give them permission to do





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