Bloomington: Spending Maniacs are running the Town

On the Agenda for Monday’s City Council meeting:


Downtown Bloomington Strategy

(That the Downtown Bloomington Strategy be accepted and the Resolution adopted.)
(30 minutes)

Downtown Hotel Feasibility Study.

(Recommend that the Agreement with HVS for a hotel feasibility study in the amount of $30,000 be approved, and the Mayor and City Clerk be authorized to execute the necessary documents.)
(15 minutes)

Does anybody know what the Downtown Bloomington Strategy is?  It will be discussed for 30 minutes and then the rubber stamp 7 will approve it.

At the last meeting a downtown study was approved for almost $75,000.  Now they want another study for $30,000.

$100,000 gone because Mayor Renner thinks downtown Bloomington holds the future of the town!

Do you agree?  Speak now or get buried in debt!

4 thoughts on “Bloomington: Spending Maniacs are running the Town

  1. Stupid is as stupid does. Hint – Sociology 101, as developments take place on east sides, west sides, north sides, & south sides the downtowns will die. Always have, always will. The only way to bring back the “vibrant” downtown is to eliminate the various directional sides developments. Tear them all down and force those destination directional side driven human beings back to where it all began. Still, with four institutions of higher learning this most basic tenet of human behavior and expectation is a completely ignored resource of Soc 101. Let’s spend 100’s of $1000’s of the peoples’ money. Why? Because we can, that’s why.

  2. Renner is beating a dead horse !!there is no way they can revitalize downtown Bloomington,I hope those at city hall aren’t stupid and try to wing it alone!!

    1. Renner doesn’t care. He thinks there is a waiting list for people dying to live downtown. He will continue and the Council will say okay unless the people start screaming!

  3. Well the $100,000.00 would go along ways patching streets,why not use some idle brains in the engineers Dept. on the study ?

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