Bloomington’s Ward History (and the power hungry)

Various forms of city governance have been experienced by the City of Bloomington since its incorporation in 1850. Let me share a synopsis of the history of the City of Bloomington governance as described in a paper authored by local historian and Executive Director of the McLean County Museum of History , Greg Koos. In 1850 until 1914 the city adopted a ward system with four wards . In 1914 the aldermanic form of government was eliminated and the city adopted commission form of government which lasted until 1922. In this system, departments of the city were led by elected commissioners. In 1923 the city reverted to ward system until 1952 when a city manager government system was chosen with a Mayor and aldermen elected at large .  This lasted until a 1979 vote by citizens re-established the ward system, which was subsequently implemented by the then Mayor Richard Buchannan .

Guess who sent this?:

From: Robert Fazzini <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Cc: ‘Rich Buchanan’ <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, November 4, 2013 3:33 PM
Subject: Modified Ward – News & Views

Does anybody notice a pattern?

The City was founded on a ward system and then the citizens voted TWICE after to return to it after playing around with other types of Governance.  What does that say Rob?

It’s pretty clear that your attempt to change to a modified ward system is the third attempt since Bloomington was founded to over-rule the people.  The people have stated 3 times they want a Ward system.

Your referendum will be on the ballot during a PRIMARY election. Gee, hoping for low voter turnout Rob?

The petition drive started with lies.  I see you’ve dropped the transparency claim.  Renner, Fruin, and Black joined you – boy, that makes 4 of you plotting against the City.

From another Rob email:

If you saw the front page of The Pantagraph today, then you know there is a team that is mounting a petition drive to give voters the choice of the type of government that would best serve the City of Bloomington going forward. This effort is not necessarily advocating that the modified ward system is the preferred governance that would best serve our community going forward. What is being advocated is that the voters get to make the decision, not the city council members who might have a vested interest in the current system. Since the governance system changed from all at-large to the current ward system in a vote of the citizens in 1979, city councils have avoided voting to place any change in governance on the ballot for voters to decide. Effectively the city council has made its desires prevail over what the voters might desire. 

Funny how Rob talks like he has nothing at all to do with changing the system!  He is in charge of the effort, but he isn’t advocating for it?  Sure Rob.

In case you missed the above Rob, the citizens have voted, why do you insist they approve the Ward system again?





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  1. Rob Fazzini, will be running for Mayor in the next election,! Now is the time to stop Fazzini, and his followers !!

    1. If Fazzini is anything like the Normal city council you all are stuck till he moves out of town or croaks.

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