There is nothing more EVIL than liars! Update!

The Democrats just sent another email – see below.  Evidently the economy is really bad since they predict more people will lose jobs by the end of the year.

by:  Diane Benjamin

Politicians obviously stretch the truth.  Flat out LYING to achieve some political agenda is now all too common.

The Senate is debating whether to EXTEND unemployment benefits.  The country has supposedly been in a recovery for close to 5 years. The recession supposedly ended years ago.  Maybe benefits could be extended if the politicians said publicly, “Hey the economy isn’t all that good”.

The Democrats sent the following email yesterday.  They claim the NEWLY unemployed will be cut off.  That is a flat-out LIE.  The bill being considered is an extension of benefits.

Why is this an emergency?  The economy is getting better – according to them.   Why would conscientious Americans who love their country associate with these liars?


BREAKING: The Senate is set to vote in the next few hours on whether to extend emergency unemployment insurance to 1.3 million Americans
Here’s the back story: over the holidays, 1.3 million Americans who lost their jobs through no fault of their own also lost their unemployment benefits. Why? Because Republicans in Congress refused to extend this vital lifeline.
Denying families this critical benefit while they’re searching for a job is just plain cruel.
Senate Democrats are set to vote on an extension in the next few hours. Now it’s our job to call on Republicans in Congress to do the right thing and extend emergency unemployment insurance:
BEFORE TONIGHT’S VOTE: Click here to automatically add your name and stand with President Obama’s call to extend unemployment benefits >>
Thanks for standing with us.
DCCC Rapid Response
P.S. Here’s President Obama’s hard-hitting message to Republicans in Congress from his first weekly address of the year: “Instead of punishing families who can least afford it, Republicans should make it their New Year’s resolution to do the right thing, and restore this vital economic security for their constituents right now.”


Here’s a CNN story describing the vote:

Who are you going to stand with?  Is LYING now the new normal?


I added the RED

Friend –Just a short while ago, the Senate took the first step to restore federal unemployment insurance to those who need it the most. More than a million Americans have lost their unemployment benefits since the end of December, and millions more stand to lose them by the end of this year. These benefits are critical to jobless Americans who are actively looking for work, as well as the millions who make up their families.

Despite all that, House Republicans are saying they’ll block this measure for Americans in need. It’s a new year, but for them, it seems that nothing has changed.

Add your name to stop their obstruction and support extending unemployment insurance to America’s workers and their families.

After all, these are the same lawmakers who shut down the government last fall. The same party that refused to expand health care coverage to millions of Americans through Medicaid in state after state. The same people who are talking about forcing the government to default on its interest payments later this spring.

We need to show them that 2014 will be different — that Americans everywhere are standing together to bring an end to this obstruction.

Join President Obama and Democrats who are speaking out for those who need it the most, and add your name to tell House Republicans to stop the obstruction and extend this lifeline now: 


This is just the first of many fights we’re going to have in 2014 — and we have better odds of winning them in the future if we elect a Democratic majority in Congress.

Thanks for always standing with us,


Lily Adams
Deputy Communications Director
Democratic National Committee

4 thoughts on “There is nothing more EVIL than liars! Update!

  1. It’s the same Saul Alinsky agenda these left-wing Progressive Democrats keep pushing, create a crisis and blame it on those evil right-wing Conservative Republicans. Lie, lie, lie is all a part of their game! There end result is to get everyone dependent on “their” government. Saul Alinsky wrote their play book back in 1971, Rules for Radicals, he died in 1972. The book is so twisted on doing lies, deceptions, corruption, disruption and evil instead of good to destroy nations from within that he actually dedicated his book to Lucifer. If Alinsky was alive today he would be proud to see the Marxist progress and take over that is occurring in America. They have totally taken over the Democrat Party to the point to where now the American Communist Party actually supports the Democrat platform. Obama is their perfect leader, who himself is an obvious Alinskyite. He spent years teaching workshops on Saul Alinsky’s teachings. In 1985 he became a community organizer (agitator) in Chicago, working for an Alinskyite formed group called the “Developing Communities Project.” EGO is a big plus in being a good community organizer according to Alinsky and frankly I personally have never studied a politician more egotistic and narcissistic then Barack Obama. We can even see the Neocon RINOS of the Republican Party who are moving in this same direction as the Progressives because it’s all a part of the Alinsky agenda. This didn’t happen over night but these radical revolutionaries have been very covert by cutting their hair, putting suits on and infiltrating our system from within. Saul Alinsky just like his mentor, Antonoi Gramsci (advisor to Vladimir Lenin), taught and believed in a progressive gradualism of cultural Communism. They viewed this revolution as a slow methodical patient process of taking over nations and eventually the world. Their plan is to penetrate existing institutions such as unions, corporations, schools, churches and political parties of the government. If America does not wake up to their cultural war they are waging against US then the future for our children and grandchildren will be very bleak!

    1. Yeah madboy, why don’t you lay out your reasoning on how my reasons are inane. I’m always open to any factual, historical TRUTH!

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