Il Pension Plaintiffs: Too much is not enough

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Sue to keep gold plated pensions 

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This pension lawsuit is about protecting the perks of highly-compensated school administrators who don’t even work in the classroom.  Let’s examine the five superintendents and one principal suing to stop “pension reform.”

Who is John Sawyer III?
In 2013 as a superintendent, Sawyer made $184,578, which is more than every governor in all 50 states. Then he “retired.” After only one month in “retirement,” Sawyer was rehired as Acting Superintendent ofHuman Resources at Kankakee School District 111. Prior to “retirement,” Sawyer ran into problems at North Chicago, where he was placed on paid administrative leave under undisclosed circumstances.

Who are Shiffman, Landeck, Doyle, Lee, and Thompson?

The other five plaintiffs have interesting backgrounds as well. While millions of Americans lost value in their homes and savings, the salaries of four plaintiffs tripled over the last 10 years.
Kenneth Lee, age 37, is the superintendent of Iroquois schools. He made $112,100 in 2012- up from $34,400 in 2001.
Michael Shiffman, age 40, is the superintendent of Dakota schools in Stephenson County. He made $108,900 in 2012- up from $30,700 in 2001. In Stephenson County, the “per capita” income is $23,695.
Lance Landeck, age 44, is the superintendent of Oakland schools in Douglas County. He made $88,000 in 2012- up from $29,000 in 2001. In Douglas County, the “per capita” income is $23,870.
Hattie Doyle, age 40, is a principal in New Berlin. She made $90,000 in 2012- up from $31,000 in 2001. In New Berlin, the “per capita” income is $24,099.Kyle Thompson, age 30, is an Assistant Superintendent for Regional Office of Education in Coles County. It’s a unit of government that even Gov. Quinn tried to eliminate.

Given their ages and Illinois school districts’ history of spiking salaries, these plaintiffs are on track to retire as  Illinois “pension millionaires.” In fact, 406 of their colleagues out-earn every governor of the 50 states.

That’s why they sued. Citizens can lose billions in property value, but these pension millionaires refuse to take even a small reduction in their bloated pay and perks.

It’s time to put a stop to out-sized pay & benefits.

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