Explanation of strange letter

by:  Diane Benjamin

More than a few of you noticed something strange with the following letter I received from the City of Bloomington.  Note who was COPIED – bottom left corner.  I asked the City for an explanation, their email is below.

I received your inquiry regarding this FOIA (emails Mayor/Council from Dec. 25 – 20, 2013).
I have contacted Ms. Dodson who informed me that the cc to Police Chief Heffner was a clerical error.
If a FOIA is for Police records then Chief Heffner is informed.
I also reached out the Police Department’s command office’s administrative staff and confirmed that Ms. Dodson’s response to FOIA 2013 was not forwarded on the Police Department.
I apologize for this clerical error.
Thank you.
Tracey Covert
City Clerk
309/434 – 2240

3 thoughts on “Explanation of strange letter

  1. A clerical error?
    A clerical error may be the result of a typographical error, an inadvertent oversight of a minor composition detail, or even hiring staff that’s incompetent, but to cc someone on a document as important as the Chief of Police certainly hints towards a more intentional act than a simple clerical error.
    It’s difficult to mistake the request as one of a police matter, unless of course, someone views this as a police matter.
    Clearly begs the question as to “why”?

  2. So she makes a mistake listing the cc and then makes another mistake in not sending the cc or makes another mistake for not fixing the cc that was never sent. Maybe Hales should concern himself more with the quality of help rather than the bogus outlook for citizens quality of life.

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