This is turning into a pattern – a bad one!

by:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington has approved 2 plans recently without including any money.  I believe the Council is told “We have to have a plan!”

The first one is the Master Zoo plan.  The present zoo isn’t big enough and never will be.  Every subsidized agency feels the need to grow or they will be out of business.  If it isn’t stopped, Miller Park will become the zoo.  The zoo needs to be privately owned, it will be good for them and the visitors.  It would be really good for taxpayers since they now subsidize it.  I’ve written about this before:

The Zoo has a Meet and Greet coming up to showcase their plans.  They want more tax dollars.  Are you willing to pay?  Here is where the plan was approved:

Meet and Greet with Zoo Superintendent
Date:1/26/2013 2:00 PM
Location:Miller Park Zoo
The second one is the Master Downtown Plan.   The plan was done by the same firm that did “Uptown” Normal.  That means cars will be severely limited.  Park and walk or ride a bike.  Cars evil!


So, Bloomington now has 2 Master plans and no funding, except for another lighting study for Downtown.


Watch your wallet and the Council.  They didn’t get plans made to put them on a shelf.

2 thoughts on “This is turning into a pattern – a bad one!

  1. i can guess where funding for these coming from….. TAX DOLLARS or Sales tax increase. Either way ppl of bloomington hand over your money!

  2. I think its time that Bloomington voters , start plans to replace the rubber stamp 7, and figure a way to give Renner the boot, before they bankrupt Bloomington !!

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