David Hales gets a big raise on Monday!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Governor Quinn’s salary for managing a whole state is:

Division Title YTD Gross

Monday night the Rubber stamp 7 will okay a raise for David Hales:

The base salary of the City Manager is established to be $176,439.00 effective January 12, 2014.

At least he is $1000 less than the Governor.  The Council decided he is Commendable, so he deserves another $5139 a year.


6 thoughts on “David Hales gets a big raise on Monday!

  1. There’s very little to say about this. It’s obvious.
    There’s much that could be done. That’s obvious, too.
    There’s much complaining about this and many more issues like this.
    There’s very little done.
    It’s up to the people of this City to either accept these absurdities or change things that are not in order.
    One of two conclusions here are also obvious because it continues to happen: either the people of this City choose to accept these absurdities or don’t care to change the things that are not in order.
    Neither conclusion is acceptable.
    One thing is for certain, however.
    A point in time will arrive when it will be too late to change things once so much has been done, and once the people of this City realize what has happened that shouldn’t have.

      1. While actively voting can be characterized as participating in the government process, taking into consideration the state of affairs with regards to government’ per se, more than voting is now become necessary. The checks and balances citizens could once count on and trust in are no longer the safety nets they were intended to be.
        Citizens now have to be engaged in and monitor the processes. Knowing who is influencing local decisions, knowing who holds the key to power, and what goes on behind the scenes is now critical in determining the who, what, why, and where necessary to manage and monitor government to keep it in check and balanced, and in order to cast an informed vote.
        Otherwise, you are correct, you get what you get.

  2. The Count is right on!
    I have voted in every election and still look what happens. I never knew the average joe could be involved in local government like this. All these boards and commission that regular people can be on but they don’t. That obviously leaves the door wide open for all these powerful people with so much money to make decisions for the rest of us.
    Things have got to change and now is a good time and place to start.
    John Weissmuller

  3. I would like to know if Hales tips his secretary for setting up his fine china for lunch everyday at his desk in his office and for doing his dishes?

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