Renner’s dark version of transparency

by:  Diane Benjamin

Mayor Renner thinks of himself as City Commander-in-Chief.  Normally, the media would be kissing his feet.  Most still do, but then there are others like me exposing his less than transparent actions.

This morning Renner was on with the low information media, Scott Laughlin.  Luckily I didn’t hear the whole thing, but Mayor Transparency expressed for the 1000th time that he ran on open government and transparency.  It would be great if we get some!

Start here Tari.  Come clean on being behind the effort to take representation away from the people.  Tell us again why you think taking away one Alderman is a good idea.  Tell us which Alderman you are going to eliminate – like we can’t guess.  Tell us again how Fazzini is doing this all on his own.  Tell us again how 3 mini-mayors are going to represent the entire city better than neighborhood Alderman do now.  Tell us again how the east side isn’t going to end up being over represented on the Council.  Tell us again how the Chamber of Commerce and the unions aren’t going to pick and fund their At-large candidates so more taxpayer money can be pilfered for construction.  Tell us why you picked to put this referendum on a Primary Ballot election, yes I heard you admit this morning voter turnout is low for primaries.  Trying to sneak it by Tari?



Tari, I wish we could have worked together.  You lied to me and broke that trust.  I emailed you and asked specially if you supported the Ward change as Fazzini was telling everyone.  Instead of emailing me back – you called.  You told me you wished Fazzini hadn’t done this.  You lied to me Tari, therefore any trust I had in you broke when I received this email.  I have good reason for watching you even more closely than before.

I loved your discussion this morning about why people have lost faith in both political parties.  Lies Tari, we are sick of being lied to.  We are sick of politicians saying one thing in public and something different behind closed doors – yes I heard you talk about that too.  I’ve found that most politicians like to talk about things they are guilty of. Congratulations.  you have joined the “Part of the Problem” club.

If you want to be a respected politician, start acting like you deserve it.  A public apology for your rant against me would be a good start, right after you admit Modified Wards was your idea.






6 thoughts on “Renner’s dark version of transparency

  1. I understand from the little bit of local politics I follow that the Mayor campaigned on the premise of an open government and transparency issues. Campaigns are campaigns are campaigns, etc, etc, etc.
    The campaign is over.
    It’s easy to make promises.
    Action speaks results.
    It’s time to view the results.
    After the fact almost one year later and those campaign priorities and standards promised, two immediate questions come to mind:
    1) Can the Mayor explain what the definitions of “open government” and “transparency” are and what policies they are applied to and/or not applied to?
    2) Shouldn’t open and transparent apply to all levels and aspects of municipal government (aside from those legally exempt)?

  2. Well……….if they get their way and get to eliminate an Alderman I sure hope it is not our two good ones, Judy and Kevin, but lets hope it is Fuzzi! After all, he is the one that got all this mess going.

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