One question the Il gubernatorial candidates need to answer:

by:  Diane Benjamin

According to a poll by Rasmussen last week:

62% think the country is headed in the wrong direction

Congress’s approval is at 8%

I wish they would do a poll in Illinois, it might be tough though with so many heading for the border permanently.

NOBODY in either party is doing anything to control spending or keep the Federal Reserve from making the dollar worthless.  NOBODY is keeping the Federal Government from trampling the Constitution.  DC is playing their own game, we the citizens aren’t allowed to participate.

Until now.

There is a growing movement across the country to call a Convention of States.

The states can pass their own amendments to the Constitution – like term limits.  34 states are needed to call a convention.

Since Congress and the President have decided the Constitution is immaterial, it’s up to the people to demand reforms.

Read what is purposed on the Convention of States website.  Read Mark Levin’s book – The Liberty Amendments.

The next time you run into an Illinois candidate for Governor, ask them if they will send delegates to the convention.

Most probably won’t have any idea what it is.  Take note, then inform them.




3 thoughts on “One question the Il gubernatorial candidates need to answer:

  1. Nothing wrong with the current Constitution except that ii is not upheld by those who took the Oath to uphold it. It is the people that must hold the current elected officials accountable rather than dream about the next election which is usually a repeat of the last election. The convention of states for a new or updated constitution is a bad idea. The founders did a great job. Read it, study it, understand and follow it. Have courage and demand to be free! Although Mark Levin brings up a lot of good points, he is a paid shill, i.e. controlled opposition.

    1. I think you need to study the issues more. The convention would be for limited amendments, not anything somebody wants to bring up. The ones being considered are common sense so we can hold them accountable. Elections do nothing when the establishment, Chamber of Commerce, and lobbyists pour money into campaigns making it impossible for most to be defeated. This is the only way business as usual can be broken. They aren’t listening to THE PEOPLE.

      Do you realize just the idea of states getting together to pass term limits will force DC to shape up?

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