The Pantagraph is the problem!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Let’s face it.  The City of Bloomington didn’t need to hire a Communications Director, they have the Pantagraph.

Have you ever seen an editorial criticizing anyone in power with Bloomington or Normal?  Have the Pantagraph ever read the Coliseum Management agreement?  No problem there Pantagraph?  Have they ever asked why government has any right to entertain citizens – at THEIR expense and without their approval?  Have they asked anyone why Homefield Energy has a huge banner hanging on the Coliseum?

Today they Pantagraph “Cheered”  the Zoo plan.  But then they cautioned about wise use of taxpayer money.  Pantagraph, exactly where do you think the money is going to come from?  They might get some grants, but that will never cover the cost.  The paper thinks the Zoo is a City gem!  It is, but I assume you think the BCPA and the Coliseum are City gems too.  Did it never cross your pea-brains that these gems are bleeding the citizens dry?  Have you ever looked at privatizing the Zoo?  Why does the City need to run a zoo?  How about setting them free – have you checked into Wild Life Prairie Park?  Do you just cheer because you and the City share the same bed?

How about transparency.  How would the Pantagraph handle the City of Bloomington Open Meetings violation if it had been filed by Karen Schmidt?  David Sage?  Mayor Renner?  Your editorials have down played the courage it took for Alderwoman Stearns to first walk out of the meeting she considered illegal and then file with the Attorney General!  Are you going to let Mayor Renner and City Manager David Hales wiggle their way out of it?  Or does the law actually matter to you?  It’s pretty hard to tell since the E. Jefferson shooting – not far from the David Davis Mansion – was down played.  How would you like to be sitting in your house and hear gunshots in the street?  Would it be a big deal then?  Would you have to call the City first to get your talking points?

Does local government ever do anything to upset you, other than not buy your building?  You need to explain to your readers why you even exist!  Watchdog? No.  Information source? Only what is approved.  So, why do you even bother publishing?

A good place to start would be ditching Associated Press.  Maybe at one time they told the truth, but those days are long past.

Then you might want to read some of the Chicago Tribune investigations.  The Tribune exists to confront government and expose corruption.  Take some lessons.  If Chris Christie’s Bridge-gate ever happened in Bloomington-Normal, we would never know.  You have never printed that Mayor Renner is behind Modified Wards.  Going to keep it a secret until March Pantagraph?  The citizens deserve better.




7 thoughts on “The Pantagraph is the problem!

  1. Local media does not want to ask tough questions of local government.

    One former wjbc Host–> Now Public Relations for Local Chamber of Commerce
    One Former WjBC HOSt—>serves on Normal Planning Commssion and employed ISU Marketing Dept.
    One Former Pantagraph reporter/WJBC reporter –> employed ISU Marketing
    One Former WJBC Host –>> Employed by McLean County

  2. The Slantagraph is a poor excuse for a city newspaper. Since 1995 I was writing letters to the editor on a fairly regular basis abiding by their 30 day rule, sometimes every three or four months, sometimes every month I would submit a letter. After Lenore Sabota left heading that office I started dealing direct with Mark Pickering who did not like my letters. Even when I would submit the poof of my statements he would refuse to print it. He told me that I lacked “civility” for our President. I ask him, how can any American have “civility” for a President who has no “civility” for OUR Constitution, OUR American Heritage and OUR Christian values? Even though Karen Hanson now heads that office, Pickering oversees ALL letters being printed and “my” letters are Never printed because they banned! A friend of mine who has worked many years for the Pantagraph told me that Mark Pickering is the Gate Keeper who only allows what he wants printed.

  3. I have written Letters to the Pantagraph in the past, that was not published, I inquired why?… was told the “Pantagraph didn’t want to be sued ” my letters were always to the point always filled with !! Why ,Question ? !! not worth the cost!!

    1. Yeah William, the Pantagraph does not desire truth but it creates the news to indoctrinate the public instead of reporting it. Thankfully, with the BLN News we now have a news reporting source that gives the public the TRUTH! 😀

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