What really happened with the Bloomington 16 yr old runaway

Area parents deserve to know what is really going on.

I understand that under Islamic law (sharia), a 16-year-old girl is an old coot, but this is America, still.

Tiffany Snook was reported missing on Nov. 12. Police now believe that she was with Sezer Gok, 40.

At some point they were married in a Muslim religious ceremony, a Pasco sheriff’s report states.

In what state was this sharia marriage made? The few states that allow a 16-year-old girl to get married only do so with parental consent. Why did the mosque perform the marriage? Why didn’t the mosque call authorities?

He groomed her and took advantage of a young stupid girl.

“Man arrested after Illinois runaway teen is found in Wesley Chapel,” Tampa Times, January 23, 2014 (thanks to Creeping)

WESLEY CHAPEL — They met at the mall in her small central Illinois hometown. He came from Turkey and ran a kiosk in Bloomington. It was either June or July last year, detectives say.

She was 16. He was 39.

Tiffany kept her relationship with Sezer Gok a secret from her parents, authorities said. She began working for him. He named a new kiosk for her: Tiffany’s Balloons.

Tiffany and Gok must have planned to leave, said Bloomington police Detective Tom Rena, because it all happened so fast. Gok had been working days, if not weeks, in advance to close down each of his kiosks. She left high school and family behind.

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  1. Islamists have no business trying to jam sharia law down our throats and I hope they throw the book at this creep and the Imam that performed this ceremony.

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