Renner: Bloomington NEEDS downtown apartments

by:  Diane Benjamin

Months ago Mayor Renner told me there was a waiting list for apartments in downtown Bloomington because so many people wanted to live there.

Tonight the City Council will vote to abate property taxes for a citizen who wants to add 6 units downtown.

I just called Redbird Apartment Management.  They have 2 apartments available downtown and 2 more within 2 blocks of downtown.  I don’t know if they manage all the downtown properties, other people could have apartments available too.  Obviously there isn’t a waiting list.

How are the Ensenberger Condominiums going Mayor?  Last time I heard news about the building, one person was living there.

Is this a case of “If we build it they will come”?  Obviously the Mayor and City Manager haven’t faced the reality of the Indian citizens working for State Farm leaving.  500 people and their families – most of whom live in apartments or rent houses – will be gone.  Are you trying to turn Bloomington into a ghost town of empty domiciles?  Are you trying to drive down prices?

Since taxpayers will most likely recover their money because the property owner will be on the hook for higher taxes eventually whether the apartments are rented or not, it’s probably a good redevelopment idea.  It’s a much better idea than investing taxpayer money in the hopes of creating economic development.  Realize though that tonight’s vote will set a precedent for future property owners wanting a tax abatement..





6 thoughts on “Renner: Bloomington NEEDS downtown apartments

  1. I wonder if Bloomington is turning into another Decatur? My oldest son and his wife live in Macon, Illinois which is just outside of Decatur. He is a truck driver and he drives into Decatur to get his truck that he is to drive. We were talking the other day and he said that the city of Decatur has fixed up their downtown area but with all the street thugs and gangbangers, many of them from Chicago, hanging out there most of the honest citizens do not patronize it because who wants to be a victim to crime. Here is a short video of what Decatur has become and “IF” Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is their city’s agenda then I guess you can call it a success for the Progressive left!

  2. Interesting video Chuck, all kinds of shuttered up, out of business empty shells. Very sad indeed. Let this be a lesson though as some of us are always on the look out. Now is a good time to take note that the recently hired Executive Director of the McLean County Regional Planning Commission Vasudha Pinnamaraju was last employed as
    a planner for the city of Decatur. She had worked for the city of Decatur for eight years as environmental and development planner, GIS planner and neighborhood planner. Whoever was responsible for this hire ought to have their head examined. That resume of hers must of been one big polished turd.

  3. Exactly mudd! These left-wing Progressives are getting into powerful positions from our White House on down to city levels with their failed policies. They are not as stupid as they appear because their whole agenda is to bring America down. The end-goal for them is destroying Capitalism brick by brick to rebuild our society into their Socialist utopia. Sad though, because if they would only study the nations that embraced Socialism through out history they would find that Socialism is NEVER a utopia but ALWAYS a nightmare of genocide, poverty, enslavement over the people and egotistic, narcissistic dictators like Castro, Mao, Hitler and Stalin are the messiah’s ruling over them. In June 1985, Obama was only 24 years old and moved to Chicago, he took a community-organizing job with the “Developing Communities Project” (a Saul Alinsky front group), funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) that viewed capitalism as a system steeped in injustice. The CCHD stated that “the causes of poverty are understood to be an aspect of ‘social sin’ rooted in our social and economic structures and institutions.” This is why so many people hate capitalism because they have been lied to about it. They do not understand that capitalism can work for everyone by the fact that the harder you work the more you can have, not by government entitlement or handouts but by their own achievements. This of course brings Freedom and free-enterprise to individuals without being indebted and controlled by the dependency of government. mudd, unfortunately the Democrat party has slowly through the years been kidnapped by the DSA (Democrat Socialists of America) and their whole party is dedicated to following evil, corrupt teachings of Saul Alinsky’s guide book, Rules for Radicals. mudd, since were pretty much on the same page it would be great to meet with you sometime. I think we need to form groups and make goals to combat what these Progressive Communists are doing to our city.

    1. I feel you forming a group with other like-minded individuals would only result in the opposite of what you’re getting at. In other words, you’re *so* right-wing you would only alienate yourself from those who might even agree with you.

      But have at it. I couldn’t care less.

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