Bloomington getting serious about website transparency

by:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington recently posted a lot of information on-line in the interest of transparency.  Luckily I have ways of manipulating what they post so the data is usable.

How much do alderman earn serving on the City Council?  This is from 2012.  It begs the question of why Jennifer McDade spent something like $20,000 to stay on the ballot when her petitions were challenged before the last election.  It could have been much more.  According to the Election Commission website, she got a $32,000 loan: 

It also makes me wonder why members of the Council are trying to create larger wards and at-large alderman when it will cost even more to run for office!  Obviously nobody runs for the money,  but they are willing to pay a lot of money to get a seat.

Maybe an intelligence or personality test should be given before candidates are allowed to run.  Do they want a seat on the Council to represent their ward, or is it just a power trip for them?  It’s pretty easy to tell once they are elected, unfortunately the citizens are stuck for 4 years with the choice.


Much more information to come!





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