Back when David Sage was a conservative . .

by:  Diane Benjamin

2008 is no longer on the City of Bloomington website, so this information is from a Pantagraph article dated 7/29/08.

At the City Council meeting on the 28th, a vote was taken to hire Doug Farr Associates of Chicago to do a Downtown Bloomington plan.  One alderman was missing, so the vote was 4-4.  Then Mayor Steve Stockton voted YES to break the tie.  This was after 1 1/2 hours of heated discussion on whether to spend money on downtown.  Evidently the budget had been cut that year.

The vote was for the City of Bloomington to spend $125,000 and the Downtown Bloomington Association to pay $75,000.  If you didn’t know, the Downtown Bloomington Association got their money from the City of Bloomington, the $200,000 all came from taxpayers.  Oh what a tangled web we weave . . .

So who were the NO votes?

Aldermen Kevin Huette, Judy Stearns, Steven Purcell and David Sage

What has happened to the formally conservative David Sage?  State Farm indoctrination? David Hales worship?

Nobody knows.  What we do know is that once he had convictions and stood by them.  He once cared about fiscal issues.

He has now become one of the Potted Plants.

(more on the Downtown Bloomington Association to come!)






5 thoughts on “Back when David Sage was a conservative . .

  1. Sage is my Alderman. I have no idea why he became a rubber stamper. I talked to him a couple of years ago…but he does an excellent job of skirting questions and dishing out deceptions.


  2. Although Sage does occasionally ask some good questions, he doesn’t press long enough to get a real answer. Next thing is that no matter what the subject matter, odds are about 9:1, that he will rubber stamp the issue anyway.


  3. Mudd, I don’t think some of the local elected officials and local media want to know the truth. Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil. They just want to get along. Unless of course it is a common person who happens to be conservative. Than they must make an example out of that person who dared to speak out.


  4. I took out a petition to run for alderman of the #2 ward, in 2007-or 2008, when David ask me if I would withdraw my petition my bid to be on the ballot, I said I would, only if he made his own decisions, not someone elses. He said that was his only way of doing busisness,I think State Farm keeps a reign on canidates in office and dictate to what they can do and say !! Any way he turned 180 degrees from the start, he hasn’t helped us in the 2nd ward.


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