Bike survey FAILS citizens

by:  Diane Benjamin

Government asking citizens what they think is a great thing.  Obviously it didn’t work with the Coliseum, but government has since learned a better way to ask questions.  Yes/No doesn’t achieve the correct results.

Google Delphi Method.  Delphi is technique City leaders and those with an agenda are TRAINED in so consensus can be reached – the problem is the consensus is pre-determined.  Delphi allows citizens to think they have input, but they only have input to questions that will lead the participants to agree on the result.

From this website:

The Delphi Method seeks to aggregate opinions from a diverse set of experts, and can be done without having to bring everyone together for a physical meeting. Because the responses of the participants are anonymous, individual panelists don’t have to worry about repercussions for their opinions. Consensus can be reached over time as opinions are swayed.

Look at the McLean County Regional Planning Commission Survey:

What answers do you get?  Love it, Like it, It’s okay, Neutral

That’s it, nothing else like OTHER, Hate It, Won’t use it, Negative.

The citizens are being played to come to a pre-determined answer.  The cyclist population will all answer, leading them to report over-whelming support for a Master Bike Plan.

Here is the email address of Scott Fowler, the guy who sent the survey to me:  [email protected]

Let him know the citizens deserve more choices, not just the local cyclists.  After all, everybody will be paying.


3 thoughts on “Bike survey FAILS citizens

  1. Evidently the “are you smarter than a 5th grader” litmus test did not apply to the author of this survey. What a joke! But then again, thats how the regional planners and bike people roll. Deception,,,the ends justify the means.

  2. So they ask the survey questions to get the answers “they” want! Anything negative or no is not available in their answers. So when they implement it they can say that the citizens approved it. Yep mudd, your right, it’s the left-Progressive’s method of …………….”the ends justify the means.” This reminds me of years ago when I sold vacuum cleaners for Electrolux and one of my spiels was to say, “you can have it in any color you want just so long as it’s silver” and of course it was silver. How dumb does this city government think we are anyways!

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