Is Fazzini lying?

by:  Diane Benjamin

The McLean County Chamber of Commerce has returned to their anti-business ways.  It looks like they are a true reflection of their membership.  According to the Pantagraph, 51.52% of their members think the current Bloomington Ward system is serving Bloomington well, 48.48 don’t.  When asked if Modified Wards should be approved, 51.52 said yes, 48.48% no.  I wonder if there was a misprint, since the numbers are exactly the same except for opposite.  Maybe only 5 people participated, thus skewing the poll.

The most interesting point to come out of the debate the Chamber held last Thursday, was Fazzini’s comment about the annexation of The Grove subdivision.  He thinks At-Large Aldermen would have stopped the City from investing so much in the subdivision.  Of course, a few meetings ago he voted to invest more in a path to Benjamin School, but I digress.

Fazzini seems to think At-Large Aldermen will concentrate on the BIG things.  He has been on the Council since 2011, but he still hasn’t figured out the Aldermen are not ALLOWED to do much more than vote.  Aldermen who do ask questions are vilified as trouble makers – hence the 7 potted plants and plans by organizations like the Chamber of Commerce to replace the 2 “trouble makers”.

How did The Grove subdivision get annexed and the City stuck with the bills for roads and sewers?

Meeting: Bloomington Planning Commission

Source:  Pantagraph 9/15/2005

The Bloomington Planning Commission approved the city’s comprehensive plan Wednesday and an agreement that will allow the annexation of the 450-acre Eastlake subdivision.

Meanwhile, the developers of Eastlake had to wait for work on the comprehensive plan to wrap up before moving forward on their efforts to create the 900-home subdivision. The project includes 88 acres for wetlands restoration and four miles of walking and biking trails.

Vic Armstrong, who is leading the developers of Eastlake, said he was relieved by the commission’s action, but he added there are still more steps to be taken. Armstrong said earlier the developers are running out of time for their Eastlake plans because options they hold on some of the land will expire Dec. 1.

So who is the Bloomington Planning commission?  Here’s the current board:

 Mayor Appointed Position  Chair Cain, Stan 4/30/2015
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Cornell, Christopher 4/30/2017
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Balmer, J. Alan 4/30/2015
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Stuckey, Charles E. 4/30/2014
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Schultz, Bill 4/30/2013
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Pearson, James 4/30/2015
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Wills, Rob 4/30/2015
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Diamond, Rex 4/30/2016
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Scritchlow, Ryan 4/30/2017
 Mayor Appointed Position  Member Stanczak, David 4/30/2016
 City Staff Woolard, Mark N/A
 Mayor Appointed Position  Indicates Mayor Appointed Position

None of the above hold an elected office.  I don’t know who was on the Board in 2005, but they are responsible for bringing plans to the Council.  Then City Manager Tom Hamilton and former Mayor Steve Stockton are responsible for sticking the City with the bills.

Tell me Rob:  What role would an At-Large Aldermen play?  Are you planning on crashing the meetings?  Are you going to do your own independent investigations?   Explain again how At-Large will help the City?

Since the Chamber looks like they will support Modified Wards, it’s the citizens of Bloomington who must get the vote out to stop the theft of your representation!  Get busy spreading the word.  If the turnout March 18th is low, kiss your alderman goodbye.  Maybe the 1% Sales Tax will encourage people to get out and vote.

Remember:  You don’t’ need to specify a party to vote on these 2 referendums.





2 thoughts on “Is Fazzini lying?

  1. Fazzini got pressed pretty hard at the Chamber’s breakfast during the question and answer session. His mouth is his own worst enemy. I like having him as the spokesmen for this because the more he runs his mouth the worse he looks and his true colors start to show. It’s quite entertaining. I can only hope someone in ward 8 is making plans to run against him in the next election because they have no shortage of material for their campaign. The Chamber’s poll means nothing to me and is certainly no reflection at all of the rank and file voter in the city of Bloomington. This issue has as much a chance of passing as Dan Rutherford’s run for governor. Let’s all get out on 3-18 and send Fazzini and friends a clear message.

  2. Fazzini lie………………………………only when he moves his mouth!
    Hopefully Eric Decossas will run again and this time defeat Mr. Fuzzi.

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