This is why Bloomington thinks they CAN raise taxes

by:  Diane Benjamin

This information is also from the Bloomington City Managers report:

I STRONGLY urge the Citizens of Bloomington to read the report.   Parks and Rec has 9 pages.  It’s a glowing report recapping all the activities your government is providing for you.  It’s also the reason why the City needs more money and staff.  Instead of concentrating on activities of government, like roads, they are using your money to entertain you.  Quality of Life!

There is one very interesting page on taxes.  There are no totals, so I added them.  First the sheet shows all the taxes you are subject to just because you live, shop, or rent a hotel room in Bloomington, property taxes aren’t included.  The City wants to add an amusement tax to the list and raise the Utility Tax.  The page shows that receipts of these taxes is higher this year than last year.  That leads government to believe the economy is better, so now they can raise taxes.  I guess they didn’t notice income taxes are higher, but sales taxes are lower.  That means people are making a little more, but not spending it – at least in stores.  They aren’t building, permits are down.  The City still collected almost $1,000,000 more year to date, but as I’ve said before:  There isn’t ever enough money for government.  The report is from May 2013-January 2014.

Here is an explanation of the Use Tax:





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  1. If city manager Hales is so great then why does he need to hire more administrative positions and why do our taxes need to go up? As much as the man brags about Bloomington doing well, then why?

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