Why local media doesn’t do it’s job

by:  Diane Benjamin

The role of media is to hold the government accountable.  It is NOT to be friends with government.  It is the media’s job to inform the public and expose corruption.

From page 111 of Book 1 City Budget:  http://www.cityblm.org/modules/showdocument.aspx?documentid=6393  See the ***** below:media2

How can the media REPORT news when they have “relationships” with City staff?

The local media isn’t doing any investigative reporting, they are being told what to report and how.

It should concern you how handling the media is listed under “What we accomplished”.

All local media outlets have the below email, but they refuse to hold Mayor Renner accountable for being behind Modified Wards.  8 days away from the election and Renner is still acting like he had nothing to do with getting the referendum on the ballot.


Mayor Renner is trying to get citizens to believe he isn’t behind the huge budget increases.  The citizens are outraged and fighting back.  Watch for David Hales to get the blame by local media, not the Mayor.

We are watching a dis-information campaign run by local government.  WJBC is tied to the Coliseum through a sponsorship.    The Pantagraph makes a lot of money from City advertising.   I’m just surprised the City of Bloomington admitted in print to controlling the media through “relationships”.

Mayor Renner tried building a “relationship” with me.  I played along until the dis-information got to be too much to ignore.  Citizens won’t get the City’s talking points here.




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