Fazzini gets stupid with the wrong guy

by:  Diane Benjamin

Last week a Bloomington resident sent a BlnNews story, Burying Bailouts in “Quality of Life” PART 2,

(http://blnnews.com/2014/03/14/burying-bailouts-in-quality-of-life-part-2/) to the entire Bloomington City Council with this comment:

Again, I ask that the Council not consider funding this and to read this excellent information from the BLN News.

Alderman Rob Fazzini decided to answer:

On Friday, March 14, 2014 3:50 PM, Robert Fazzini <[email protected]> wrote:


Then, the citizen sent this response:

Sent: Friday, March 14, 2014 4:09 PM
To: Robert Fazzini
Subject: Re: [New post] Burying Bailouts in “Quality of Life” PART 2

You’re damn right that’s right, and I can see you grinning like a Cheshire cat when you typed your stupid response to my email, you condescending jackass.

Fazzini responded again:

On Friday, March 14, 2014 10:24 PM, Robert Fazzini <[email protected]> wrote:

Why do you have a problem with my agreement with your position?  By nice.  Have a pleasant evening.  Rob

I not going to correct his choice of words for him, but I’d love to know how the citizen was supposed to know Fazzini agreed with him.  Kevin, the citizen, shot back a response too good not to share:

Because Mr. Fazzini, your one word comment did not indicate an AGREEMENT with my position, and most reasonable people, especially given your history and reputation, would more than likely agree that your “comment” was in fact a sarcastic retort. Your dislike for Diane Benjamin is notorious,your contempt for the citizens of this city is obvious, and you embody all the ethics and morals of a gnat.

Don’t think for a minute Councilman that non Tea Party voters know what you are up to, and also don’t think that independents and members of the GOP don’t read Diane’s blog. We do, and more of us do thanks to you and your self-serving quest for Modified Wards. Rob, you have really galvanized a movement to defeat your cause for a power grab, and really, many of us know if passed, you would run for an At Large Alderman position. After all, your new garbage to fuel manufacturing employer didn’t hire a banker to run their company because of your bio-fuel manufacturing experience now did they? Of course not! They hired you because of your influence!

Alderman, no , I don’t have to be nice. You’re a public servant who has nothing but contempt for the public you serve, so right back at ya pal. I suggest you look at yourself sometime on one of the videos-you are arrogant and contemptuous.  Tax, Tax, Tax,.. that’s all I hear out of you. It’s either my way or the highway-that’s your attitude. You boast you are a “visionary”, you insinuate only the “well healed” should hold office, you want to waste tax money on turning downtown into some sort of convention and tourist mecca. Well sorry pal, as a guy who traveled all over the country to conventions over thirty years, Bloomington and cities like ours, are considered Class C venues, and even some Class C venues like Peoria have better attractions like the Riverfront, a better Stadium, and the gambling boat. Springfield also has better attractions and accommodations. Yet, you and your pals on the City Council sit on your hands with the closed Parking Deck at the Coliseum for 6 months,and the city loses revenue, shows threaten to not renew next year due to the parking debacle, and the city is renting lot space. Yet you folks want to build more and you can’t even manage a parking lot problem.


Last, let’s not forget, Illinois is not very business friendly, and what companies or organizations are really going to have conventions in “our town”? True, we have a nice location, but we are not a Shangri-la. We are a Midwestern city and “Build It and They Will Come” only exists in “Fields of Dreams”. Quality of Life issues are founded upon sound basic programs that are working. The basics like pensions, roads, sewers, pubic safety, water, parking garage repairs etc.., should ALWAYS come first and be in top order before wasting money on frivolous studies, outdated 20-year-old bench-marking/performance metrics programs that cost untold labor hrs./$, new downtown hotels, new visitor centers, etc.


5 thoughts on “Fazzini gets stupid with the wrong guy

  1. The citizen sure hit it on the head with Fuzzi……………………………….condescending jackass! 😛

  2. Fazzini’s ward referendum will be solidly defeated on Tuesday, but Wednesday’s Pantycrap will quote him saying that it was a success because the voters got a choice in the type of government they want, or something stupid like that. Whatever it is I can’t wait to read it. Then he will resign his seat before his term is up so that Renner can appoint one of his guys to fill it. His reason for resigning will be that the system that he tried to correct is broken

    Diane, do you want to post my prophecy when it comes true or am I just belaboring the obvious?

    And, whoever Kevin is, we appreciate you service to the city of Bloomington. We need more people like you.

      1. Just for the record, Fazzini said in yesterday’s Pantycrap that the modified ward initiative was “a win for democracy.”

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