Bloomington: 2 budget points of view

By:  Diane Benjamin

This week both Mayor Renner and Alderwoman Stearns were interviewed on WGLT.  The 2 points of view are very different.  Listen to both, then comment below.

Mayor Renner:

Alderwoman Stearns:

2 thoughts on “Bloomington: 2 budget points of view

  1. Judy was right on the mark! Great job, very articulate and spot on! As for Mayor Renner, I emailed you my long winded response the other day. As for today’s revelation that it’s practically a “done deal” that a minor league hockey team will be moving into the Coliseum, I think Hales should be hanged for that along with Renner. At the very least, Hales should be fired. The contract calls for a professional team with a minimum of 50 games. This new team does not qualify, and they wont be playing 50 games either. Also, didn’t the folks that own this team just get booted from another arena in another state for financial problems? Hales needs to be held accountable for bringing these bozos into Bloomington. I’d of fired him if he worked for me before he even finished his budget presentation! Knowing the financial situation of this city and he came to the table with proposing all the additional cost and new personnel? Gadzooks, the man hasn’t a clue! Renner takes the path of least resistance. Memo to Mayor Bow Tie: go Department to Department and identify cost reductions excluding headcount reductions excluding fire and police. Follow Judy’s advice. YOU CAN DO IT MAYOR. THINK LIKE THE TRAIN THAT CAN. Since the Mayor waited so long to get things done, I suggest he take some time off from IWU, and start rolling up his sleeves! He brought this upon himself. Times a wasting Tari! If you get hungry Mayor, buy a bag of Doritos! Ha!

  2. Thank you Judy for realizing that there can be budget cuts on projects that we do not “need” instead of raising taxes on the hard working, home owning, middle class citizens! 😛

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