Tari: Really? From a Mayor?

by: Diane Benjamin

After Mayor Renner sent his last email (see link below), I sent the following to the Bloomington City Council and the City Attorney:

Mr. Jurgens and City Council,

Do you condone Mayor's Renner's personal attacks on a citizen?  You were 
copied on his rant email, but it was also sent to numerous media outlets 
from a CITY email address.  Renner made the City of Bloomington look 
ridiculous.  This behavior should be unacceptable from any elected 

I expect a public apology.
Diane Benjamin

I then received another email from Mayor Renner, a copy is below.  Tari, I really appreciate the acknowledgement that I am a public figure, but where did I say I was a private citizen?  I can assume this will end your attempts to marginalize me and BlnNews.com.  The court case you cited looks like it gives me grounds to sue you for libel since your previous email about me contained factual errors.  Have you got a spare $500,000?   (Link to his referenced case:  http://www.oyez.org/cases/1960-1969/1963/1963_39)

Tari, your behavior is beneath the dignity of the Office of Mayor and the City of Bloomington, especially since you sent false emails from your City email account.  Maybe you should get information from somebody other than the person who lost the petition challenge.

Renner’s previous email, sent to a citizen and the media, can be seen here:  http://blnnews.com/2014/04/08/impeach-renner/


Here’s is Tari’s latest email, this one was also sent from his City email address:


You are NOT a private citizen. You are public figure by every measure.
You applied for an appointment to public office.  You ran for public
office (Auditor) and you constantly enter the public sphere with
your so-called blogs. You might want to hide like a coward Diane but you’re a
public figure.
New York Times v. Sullivan(1964) makes that clear.
I’m ccing our corporate counsel Mr. Jurgens so he can weigh in.
Tari Renner
Mayor of Bloomington
109 E. Olive
Bloomington, IL 61701
(309) 434-2210
Tari, it is sad the citizens of Bloomington aren’t able to see a debate based on facts.  I realize governing is much easier when citizens aren’t informed, but I provide references so citizens can decide for themselves.  I’m sure the public would like to hear responses from you instead of personal attacks.  If you have a problem with my facts, send me an email.  I will print it for you.

4 thoughts on “Tari: Really? From a Mayor?

  1. Diane,
    You are living rent free in Mayor Renners’ head! Mayor Renner believes that he is insulated from the general population because none of his emails are made available in the mainstream press. ( Slantagraph) Keep on telling the truth! Perhaps Taris’ head will explode?

  2. Great going Diane…I looked at the court case you cited and yes I say call his bluff…and remind him we can do a recall, no confidence vote etc..and he is working toward that direction.

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