More Pantagraph Hypocrisy!

by:  Diane Benjamin

Sometimes the Pantagraph makes it way too easy to see their agenda.  Sometimes they write incredibly crappy editorials.  Sometimes they combine them.   Today was the day!  Light in candle to celebrate their further demise.

It must be very embarrassing to work for the Pantagraph.  Whoever writes the Editorials doesn’t put their name on them anymore.  “Our Views”?  (That’s what they call it)  Today’s column is really the opinion of the Pantagraph?  Lee Enterprises?  Just who’s “Views” Pantagraph?

I think we have a right to know who writes opinions against politicians at the state level, but completely ignores local government!  Where does the Pantagraph Editorial staff think the Springfield clowns came from?  Did they sprout to office in Springfield?  Did fairies transplant them from a magical politician farm?

Here’s a clue Pantagraph:  They sprouted in local government where no press exists to hold them accountable.  Local journalists haven’t done their job for decades.  The local elected get by with anything they want, why would they magically change into responsible public servants in Springfield?

So, what is the Pantagraph upset about?  Springfield passing a budget calling for huge spending increases with no way to pay for them!  DUH.

The last paragraph pretty much sums it up:  “There is still time to correct this huge mistake and adopt a reasonable budget.  But it won’t happen until Democrats understand the costs they are imposing on taxpayers and the harm they are doing to the state.”

Think.  Think hard.  Who else passed a budget without funding?  Just Springfield Democrats?  Think harder, it was only a couple of weeks ago!   Surprise:  BLOOMINGTON.

Here’s another quote from “Our Views”:  “It’s amusing, and sad, to see Democrats twist themselves in knots trying to explain this.”

Hey Pantagraph:  It was amusing, and sad, to see Tari Renner (Democrat) twist himself in knots trying to explain this.  Obviously you didn’t notice when Renner tried to veto the budget illegally, call another meeting illegally, then attack Alderwoman Stearns for merely suggesting cuts.  Were you sleeping?  Where was that editorial?  You couldn’t figure out the Bloomington tax increases are just as damaging as the State keeping the income tax increase?

Here’s another quote:  “The entire budget process has been a sham, with the Quinn administration painting doom and gloom scenarios about what will happen if the income tax rate isn’t extended.”  Funny but that sounds familiar too.  The entire Bloomington budget process was a sham.  Renner vowed to veto the budget or put HIS and David Hales cuts back in if taxes weren’t raised.  Did you look at those cuts Pantagraph?  Police Officers?  Firemen?  You know, those public safety things like Quinn was threatening.  Good Democrats think alike.

One more note,  a flimsy quote about Republicans being in the minority was included from Rep. Dan Brady.   Where’s the editorial on why the Republicans are in the minority?  If you need help writing it, call me.  I’ve got a list.

Obviously journalism is way out of your league Pantagraph.  Please don’t embarrass yourself further.







2 thoughts on “More Pantagraph Hypocrisy!

  1. It’s hardly even worth mentioning, except for the shear amazement of how incompetent they can be. Or possibly construed as minimal social involvement for closet head scratchers.


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