US Chamber of CRONY Capitalism-PROOF!

by:  Diane Benjamin

The Political Action wing of the Chamber just held a Conference Call.  I received an invitation, so I called in.  They made it clear at the beginning that no press or bloggers were allowed on the call, so participants could speak freely.  (Tee Hee)

The speaker said they are in favor of the re-authorization of the Export-Import Bank.  Want proof they favor CRONY?  See what the Heritage Foundation says about it:

I’ve heard this “Bank” referred to as the Bank of Boeing.  Basically, we lend money to other countries to buy mostly from Boeing.  Yes it helps Boeing, and yes it hurts capitalism and competitiveness.   This is a classic example of government favoring big business, and the Chamber is right there with them.

They are also in favor replenishing the Highway Trust Funds.   Translated, that means raise the gas tax.  Government mandated standards so cars get better gas mileage. Government funded development of electric and hybrid cars.  Now they don’t have the money to repair the roads because not enough gas is being bought.  The price also has a lot to do with sales being down.   Government corrupts everything they try to fix.  Not only are gas prices double what they were 5 years ago, they are going to go higher when taxes are raised and drilling is restricted.

The Chamber is also celebrating the defeat of “far right extremist” Matt Bevin in Kentucky.  Bevin was the candidate in favor of following the Constitution and promoting strong traditional and family values.  Bevin also didn’t swallow his tongue when he spoke like his opponent, Mitch McConnell.  Obviously McConnell plays their game – Crony government capitalism is so much easier than competing with other businesses for the best products and services.  Instead of making deals with government  to promote spending your tax dollars, the Chamber should be champions of unrestricted competition.

There must not have been many callers, they opened it up to questions and I think only 3 people asked any.

Keep this in mind when the local Chamber starts running commercials for their Council picks next year.  They aren’t interested in fairness – only controlling the people elected.

One more note:  The speaker said they are against raising the minimum wage, but they are FOR a maximum wage.  They don’t realize THEIR policies are what is producing the increasing wage disparity.  When government creates the market for you, rules and economics no longer apply.





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