Guess what Renner gave himself-with YOUR money!

by:  Diane Benjamin

There used to be 2 parking spaces by the door of Bloomington City Hall reserved for citizens to run in and pay their water bill etc.  Not any more.

Mayor Tyranny Tari now has a space right by the door!  The sign looks pretty snazzy, doesn’t it?  How much did it cost Mayor?  Should the citizens give it to you when you leave office as a memento?

Is King Renner too good to park where every other Mayor has parked?

Do you have a heart condition Tari?  Some unseen disability you need to park right by the door for?

Is a City paid limousine next?  Obviously you are too busy to walk a few more steps, how long before somebody has to drive you so you don’t waste valuable time?

Are you mimicking Blago Tari?  You remember, his name was plastered on taxpayer paid signs all over the state!  Do you remember where he is now Tari?  Keeping following his lead!






4 thoughts on “Guess what Renner gave himself-with YOUR money!

  1. Oh well! In the words of Lee Newcom to Mayor Renner, “I’m so glad your our Mayor”…………………………Oh boy!
    I think we will see much more of Tyrant Tari’s egotistic reign over our city!

  2. Mayor Stockton had a sign in the same place, it just read “reserved for mayor.” It’s funny Tari had to get one with his name on it.

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