Pantagraph “forgets” important fact – Update

Sorry – you get a 2 month reprieve.  Gas will go up August 1st!


by:  Diane Benjamin

Good for the local paper to put gas prices on the front page.  During the Bush administration reporters camped at gas pumps to hear sob stories from citizens when the price got to $3.00 a gallon – and Bush got blamed.   At almost $4 the reporters are back?  Not really, nobody got blamed for the prices – just “the market”.

You missed something Pantagraph:

Tomorrow Bloomington’s $.04 a gallon gas tax goes into effect

I’m sure gas prices won’t go up though, just ask Alderman Fazzini.  He has stated publicly many times that tax doesn’t affect the price.

Maybe they won’t go up because the Bloomington stations can’t afford to lose sales to Normal.   The Bloomington stations may lose money and try to make it up with snacks and mulch sales.

Normal may try for a temporary windfall from increased gas sales, but they will pass a gas tax increase too.  Neither City realizes it is theft when they take your money while not being fiscally responsible with what they already take.

I just found out 2 more friends are leaving the state.  Keep up the good work politicians.  Maybe you can pay each others pensions after everyone else leaves.





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  1. The price of oil was around $25 when Bush Jr took office, about $100 when he left. Obama did not reverse the trend. The banksters are ripping us off, pure and simple.

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