Pantagraph bias rears it’s ugly head again

by:  Diane Benjamin

Steve Vogel was heavily involved in raising money for the original Vietnam-Korea monument in Miller Park.  He was on WJBC at the time and he used the power of the media to raise a lot of money – enough to pay for the monument.  He did a wonderful job making sure our local veterans were honored.

But now Vogel works for the Pantagraph.  The Pantagraph is virtually controlled by the City of Bloomington through advertising dollars, not to mention they would really like the City to unload their mostly unused downtown building.  Watch for all the stories cheering spending money downtown.  Keep in mind Vogel’s daughter was Renner’s campaign manager – twice.

Today they reached a new low.  In the more than obvious Cheers and Jeers Editorial, the monument restoration was mentioned.  Funny how NO names of those who worked for 2 years to restore the etched names and the flame were listed.  Vietnam Vet Terry Edmunds wasn’t mentioned.  He spearheaded the restoration along with Alderwoman Judy Stearns.  It would not have happened without these two working together.

They couldn’t include names because one of them doesn’t fit the agenda.  It would have been more obvious if they had only given credit to Terry, so they left both out.

If they were short on space, they could have left out the Cheers above it:  A $1.5 million dollar inter-modal bus station in downtown.  Ride your bike or take the bus.  Pay more taxes.  Nice.






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