Renner: I want it NOW! Now! Now! . . .

by: Diane Benjamin

The taxpayers of Bloomington already paid $30,000 for a study of putting a hotel downtown. It didn’t say what Professor Renner wanted, so Monday night the Council will get briefed again at a Committee of the Whole meeting-5:30.

Renner and Hales will attempt to convince the Council of the great economic impact a hotel downtown will have on the City.

Economic impact numbers are nothing short of bull. Here’s why:

1) Government takes money from you (taxes) to do something they want done whether you want it or not

2) Other people make money off the money stolen from you

3) Those people have great economic impact! (construction, furnishing, etc)

4) You are still out the tax money government transferred from you to them

5) Taxes NEVER go down – if the economic impact was so great, wouldn’t government be swimming in new revenue?

Renner is going to keep pushing until the Council agrees to fund the hotel, with your money. He is attempting to create his version of Utopia at your expense.

Bloomington took your money for the Coliseum, the Pepsi Ice Center, and the BCPA. If the economic impact is so great, why don’t they pay for themselves?

A downtown hotel will siphon off even more of your money.

It’s up to you to stop. The Council will be considering a Phase II study for the low low price of $45,000.

$75,000 for studies. Get your flamingo and attend the meeting!  The 7 potted plants aren’t on the Council to represent you.  You have to do it yourself.





One thought on “Renner: I want it NOW! Now! Now! . . .

  1. Years ago when I was a kid a read a book called “The Pink Hotel.” I think we should name this newly proposed hotel, The Pink Flamingo.
    Between Fazzini’s pet owners who will stay when they bring their pets to visit the dog park that we’re going to build and the Jehovah’s Witnesses I’m sure it will be a bust for the city.


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