Not just Hobby Lobby that doesn’t pay for abortion drugs

by:  Diane Benjamin

I just received my new Health Insurance benefits book for the insurance we have through my husband’s employer.  Since I’m not capable of doing only one thing at a time, I was paging through it while eating lunch.

Hobby Lobby just had to take their case to the Supreme Court to get an exemption on providing abortion causing drugs to employees.  Of course, the far Left has decided this is a WAR on WOMEN, it’s really a war on babies, but I digress.

Below is what I found in the book.  My company evidently didn’t have to get a court ruling, they just don’t pay for the same thing Hobby Lobby had to fight for.  Maybe the new employer rules don’t go into effect until next year.  The price increases are alive and well though!  My deductible almost doubled and we pay a lot more per month than pre-ObamaCare.  So much for that $2500 savings we were promised.

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One thought on “Not just Hobby Lobby that doesn’t pay for abortion drugs

  1. I will never want nor need an abortion so never checked with my insurance to see if it was covered. I would just assume that it would not be covered. What person in their right mind would even bother checking? If I were to need or want an abortion, I would be too embarrassed or ashamed to even think about my employer covering it. I think that is too personal to share with one’s employer!! Some people have not a shred of decency.

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