Tari: What’s the reason?

by:  Diane Benjamin

You campaigned in a suit with a bow tie, but you come to Council meetings in a golf shirt?  You claim running Bloomington is like running a corporation, but you and SOME Council members don’t have respect for the office by at least by dressing the part?  It’s difficult to take you seriously!

One more thing – why is Tari Junior (Scott Black), sent to the Open Houses in your absence?  Because he tows the Tari line?  How is he going to get there without a car?  Are your side-jokes during a meeting appropriate?  Do you ever ask any other aldermen to cover for you?  Perhaps they should all take turns.

Ward 7:  Does your alderman make you proud?  Would you rather have YOUR OWN Representative or Tari’s clone?

Maybe Bloomington isn’t really like running a corporation.  Corporations care about the bottom line.

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