How much abuse are you going to take Bloomington?

by:  Diane Benjamin

The TAXPAYERS of Bloomington have around $4,000,000 invested in a Fire Station on the west side that has NEVER been used.  It leaks.  The station is fully outfitted, complete with a kitchen.  It is being left to decay because the City of Bloomington can’t afford to staff it.

The TAXPAYERS of Bloomington have around $3,300,000 invested in a close parking garage that is only 7 years old.   Another MILLION or TWO will fix it though.

The Coliseum loses money

The BCPA loses money

The Zoo loses money

The THREE golf courses lose money


But Tari knows better.  Tari knows how to spend your money.  Tari knows a downtown hotel and expanding the library will be great.  Tari knows people will flock to the Route 66 visitors center.  Tari knows kids want to live downtown.  Tari thinks you need to pay for it.

Judy Markowitz knew better than you too.

Tom Hamilton knew better than you too.

Steve Stockton knew better than you too.

Tari knows how to get the majority of the Council to approve anything he wants.

When are you going to demand the Bloomington City Council quit gambling (and losing) YOUR money?







4 thoughts on “How much abuse are you going to take Bloomington?

    1. It’s a nice story, but not applicable. The citizens have been beat up by government for decades. The final straw was the Coliseum. The people said no – the Mayor and Council said yes. Now only 15-20% bother to vote because they know the elected don’t care. A few speak at Council meetings, the Council and Mayor doesn’t care. You are correct – I’m not interested in politics. I’m interested in government that stays in the box it’s required by the Constitution to be in.


    2. Actually Madboy we are interested. That is why this site is here and that is why we are reading this story. You posted a link to a story that tells us everything we know about government is wrong and you think we should change our minds because a survey say’s so? My experience tell me this story is spot on. I have been going to council meetings for several years and they do not listen. They keep
      promising and spending. We all need to vote. You can vote against me and vote for more spending if you like but the city must be made accountable to the voters. We need to vote them out.


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