Decatur is Blueprint for Bloomington

by:  Diane Benjamin

Th article below recaps what Decatur “invested”.  Most of these projects are completed.  $350 Million later, is Decatur “Quality”?  Is their economy better?  Are businesses flocking there?

Keep in mind:

Everything Decatur “Invested” came from taxpayers.

Decatur is dominated by unions and Democrats.  Bloomington elected its first Democrat Mayor.  Seeing a pattern?

 A $350 Million Investment in our Community

At first glance, dredging a lake and implementing new public school curriculum standards may seem unrelated. But the projects listed below represent the means to a cohesive, collective goal: Creating a “quality of place” through initiatives in infrastructure, education, water recreation, local history, agribusiness, fine arts, and strategic planning. Add it all together, and the total represents a $350 million investment in our community’s future.

Below are some pictures of Downtown Decatur taken yesterday.  The first two show the new lighting, Bloomington wants to spend $8.5 million on downtown lighting.  The other 2 pictures show the brick and iron work plus the new parking plan.  Residents are not happy with the angled parking that requires backing up into traffic.

The last pictures shows the urban decay surrounding all sides of downtown.  Neighborhoods to the east and west are high crime areas.  South and north aren’t much better.  Downtown can be adorably cute, but economic benefits to recoup the enormous cost haven’t materialized.  What essential services were forfeited to complete the plan?

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge



dec3 dec5dec2 Dec1Decatur4

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