By:  Diane Benjamin achieved 500,000 page views today.  Thanks readers.  I appreciate all my readers, especially those who share the site.

Edgar County Watchdogs just passed 2 million views.  Of course there are two of them and they have been doing this longer.  They also write about the whole state.  I’d like to catch them though!

photo (10)

6 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. I feel that your pages need to be printed, bound and donated to the McLean County Museum of History. A physical record of a dissent . . . on file to rebut and provide information in perpetuity. Your work deserves proper preservation alongside the voice of government and “official” record.


      1. He doesn’t own that museum and he won’t live forever, either. That’s the thing about history, us youngers can make sure after these puds are dead and gone that our voice of dissent lives and gets it’s place on the shelf. One way or another, btw.


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