Bike BloNo Banned UPDATE

Since bikes have the same rights to the roads as cars, it’s also illegal to ban them!  Lawsuit anyone?

By:  Diane Benjamin

New rules at Miller Park for July 4th:

No bikes allowed. 

Celebrate the Land of the Free, just don’t ride there!  Will the 100 Bike BloNo people show up to protest?  Maybe the police are just worried about theft.

It’s fine to put your bike on a major street with vehicles capable of swashing you like a bug, but you can be fined for doing the same in Miller Park.  Is Bloomington saying bikes are a hazard on July 4th?  Roads-Parks.  Roads-Parks.  Um.

Every heard “A Country Founded by Geniuses and Run by Idiots”?

Not buying it?  See this:

Clog the park with as many vehicles as possible.  Make sure it takes forever to find a parking space and hours to get out after the fireworks.

Better yet, try Downs.  The fireworks are great, the kids will love the fire truck circling the field with lights and sirens, the people are nice, it’s easy to get in and out, and if you stay out of the way – you can ride your bike.

(I wouldn’t suggest taking Route 150 though, that whole squashed thing would be likely)

Limiting the rights of citizens in Bloomington seems to be the latest fad.  It’s a great country!

10 thoughts on “Bike BloNo Banned UPDATE

  1. They cannot restrict a bicycle, which is legally authorized to be on the roads, from riding on park roads. This is no different than when a park in Chicago tried to ban motorcycles, got sued and lost. You need to get a convoy of 50 or 60 extra-large motor homes and trucks towing campers to show up instead.

  2. Not only does Downs have GREAT fireworks, they have the BEST Farmers Market in Central Illinois!! Bar None! Wednesdays from 4-6 / June-Sept. But don’t tell everybody, as they like to have parking places and have the time to “chat” with the customers. And they don’t have the BIG $$$ funding that Bloomington and “UPTOWN” have for their markets, oh, sorry, “UPTOWN” don’t have one anymore-quailty of life and room for bicycles, ya know.

  3. You can ride your bike on the road TO the park but you have to WALK/CARRY/PARK it in the park. Bummer for Bike BloNo. Walking to and from Miller Park would be a safer option for those athletes who live west of Veterans.

  4. BTW the city changed the link….

    What the heck no alcohol. I guess one has to leave that in the possession of their car. Yeah right you can bet there will be alcohol there just not in plain sight.

    Someone from the BPD obviously doesn’t know the law regarding bicycles. Then again what kind of bikes are we talking about. Bicycles or motor bikes?

      1. Diane,
        the “No Bike in the Park” on the Fourth of July fire works event has been in effect since I left the Marines and moved to Bloomington. There is a reason for it and it makes sense to me. A cop explained it to me when he told me to get off my bike, back in the day. Actually it’s a “No Riding your bike” in the park policy, during the fire work event policy. One is allowed to WALK their bike where ever they please. But, like you, I’m surprised the BloNo biker
        Types aren’t kicking up a fuss about that.

  5. This sounds reasonable. Too crowded to ride it. So, ride to the park and walk your bike. What’s the big deal?

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