Last night

By:  Diane Benjamin

Thanks so much for the contributions!  My computer broke, now I can get it fixed.  It was a bad day yesterday made better by people who want information and are willing to stand up to the local abusive government.  For now I’m using an ancient laptop.

It wasn’t a surprise that Alderman Sage voted against the expanded Public Comment policy.  I was at the Bloomington City Council meeting last night for Public Comment, the Edgar County Watchdogs were back.

Most of the Council might have learned a lesson about looking at the speaker and pretending to be interested in what they say.  All members began Public Comment appearing to be attentive.  David Sage however soon lost interest.  I only took the pic below after he failed to even look up for more than a few minutes.  Sorry for the quality, I was in the back of the room.  Thanks for being a public servant David, let us know when you start.


2 thoughts on “Last night

  1. As a conservative David Sage first came to office defeating long standing Mike Matejka Now Sage has become just as bad or worse than his predecessor.


  2. David Sage was not at the June 22nd Council meeting thereby missing the outrage expressed at that meeting. Maybe, there should be an ordinance that says an absent Council member is required to watch the archived video. Who were those guys that represented the Coliseum? They seemed to be clueless. If they are the management, no wonder there are problems. Mr. Sage’s questions during the presentation gave me pause regarding the value or direction of the Budget Task Force.


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